Create, Edit and Send Ecards
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It is fun and useful to be able to create and send ecards (electronic cards) to friends and relatives. They can be used not only for occasions such as birthdays, Mothers' Day, Easter, Christmas and so forth, but also just to keep in touch or send someone information or pictures.

If you are a member (regular or core) of the Penticton Seniors' Computer Club, you can use this facility to create your own ecards and send them. Although some general pictures and graphics are provided for your ecards, you can also have some of your own photos and graphics included by having them uploaded. This can be done by uploading them yourself or arranging to have them included via email attachments to

These ecards can have from one to ten pages, each containing either a background pattern/colour or a picture, one or more graphics or photos along with text in various fonts and colours. Each ecard is created as a web page and sent as an email message with a link to that web page. You can either use just the default email message or add to it to include your own thoughts.

Before it is sent, each ecard is available on the web server to preview so that it can be changed if necessary. You must have cookies enabled on your computer, so that you can save each ecard on your own computer to send to others at some later time with modifications or not.

The ecards that you create are stored on the web server. You can view, send them to new recipients or delete them as desired.

Instructions for creating ecards, previewing them and sending them can be displayed by clicking on the Ecard Instructions button below. Instructions on how to use already existing ecards can be displayed by clicking on the Use Existing Ecards Instructions button below. Instructions on how to import your email contact list into the ecard facility can be displayed by clicking on the Import Contacts Instructions button below. Instructions for uploading personal pictures can be displayed by clicking on the Personal Pictures Instructions button below. You may wish to print instructions for use as you proceed to making ecards or uploading pictures.

To create and send ecards click on the Ecard button below.


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